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Khaoyai Shrine : first point at Pak Chong gateway, built in 1962 is situated at KM 24 on Thanarat Road, always stop and pay their respects and receive blessings at the shrine

Visitor center : like a small museum for you get more information & Souvenir shop.

View point : KM 30 of Thanarat Road. This point looks northwards into the park, providing a view of the beautiful forested mountains

Khao Kiew/Pha Diew Dai Viewpoint : This view point is 14 kms from the park headquarter, a short walk off the road to Khao Kiew Summit. You can enjoy the short walk through moist evergreen forest. The weather is normally cool all the year round due to the altitude. Trees and rocks near the viewpoint are adorned with moss and lichen.

Wildlife Observation Towers : Nong Pak Chee, This tower is situated at the edge of a grassland, adjacent to the Nong Pak Chee reservoir. A saltlick visible from the tower also attracts wildlife to the location. Access to the tower from the road at KM. 35-36 and follow a well-marked track for 1 km. through the grassland.

Waterfalls : Haew Suwat Waterfall well know waterfall the water runs over a 20 m. cliff into a large pool below. In the rainy season the volume of water increases greatly and it runs fast and cool. Haew Narok Waterfall, This 3 tiered waterfall in the south of Khaoyai is the biggest waterfall in the park. The water tumbles 60 m. off the top tiers, before falling straight down off the 2nd and 3rd tiers. Which lie close to each other. Altogether the creek leve drops by 150 m.

Hiking & Trekking : Khaoyai National park biggest and wild range, any an area not allow to hike & trek by themselves please contact to Hotel or Tour operator company belong side of Thanarat Road. (Road No. 2090).

Camping an overnight in the jungle. Need to get permission from National park Head-quarter, walking to stay at sub station of the ranger in deeply jungle, once for your life maximum return to ordinary. Sleep on the ground floor by the tent and sleeping bag. Wake up by myriad voices of the insect world. Bathing in canal (Klong). Provide for nature lover please contact