Conserving Nature

Conservation of nature is something that begins at home. How do we understand that everything we do impacts the environment? A very simple example is the paper we use. Paper comes from trees, the more paper we use means the more trees need to be cut down and this in turn means that forest and nature reserves need to be cleared to make way for trees that are planted specifically for paper production.

Not only that, when we use tons of paper it means that rubbish is accumulated and even though we recycle there is a need to build recycling plants to keep up with the recycling process! Either way, we are still compromising and destroying the environment that we live in, making less and less space for nature to exist and reducing the number of wildlife as we encroach upon their environments.

In the Khaoyai National Park for instance, we are seeing less and less wild elephants, white handed gibbons and other wildlife over the years. In order to bring these beautiful animals back from possible endangered species lists, it means that we have to make an effort to truly be aware of our impact on the world environment starting from the way we use things at home, in the office and how we purchase products. Take some of our nature tours into the National Parks or Bird Watching tours where you can see for yourselves the beauty of nature and wildlife that is around us and why it is so important to preserve the flora and fauna.

At our resort, we play an active role in the conservation efforts as well by providing a sizable natural in-built pond for birds to stop over as a water source, plant a series of fruiting trees for birds and bats as well as smaller wildlife. We only have one world that we live in, keep if safe because we are not the only living things on the planet!