Wisdom of New Generation

Conservation of our environment can only be a long term effort if we educate our young children by making them understand why it is important to make an effort to not destroy the world around us through our thoughtlessness and materialism. The rainforests in the world yields many cures for diseases that no modern medicine can patent; the seas are not only a food source but also a medicinal and health source. The trees are our air that we breathe and sustain life, water and a balanced environment.

Our children have to be taught how important it is to not just buy and use products that are not recyclable, that if they can walk rather than be chauffeured around to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment. These are just a few of the things that we can start with for children. Let them experience what it is like to see elephants in the wild rather than just in the zoo and worse off in a museum. All these beautiful animals are now on the endangered species range because we are killing them off for ivory that we do not need.

Our next generation needs to be made aware that soon, wildlife is only limited to stuffed animals peering out at us from behind musty museum glass panels or in captivity in fancy zoos to protect them and they no longer run free in the wilds of the rain forest or swim freely in the open seas or even to fly free in the skies above us. They will all soon become extinct like the Black Rhinos and Dodo Birds if we do not make a change now. Join us in our efforts to educate the young on their roles that they will soon play as caring and environmental friendly individuals, for the future of our planet lies in their hands!

At Khaoyai Nature Life and Tours Resort, we pay heed to the foresight of our Revered King His Majesty King Bhumibbol Adulyadej by respecting and applying his traditional and indigenous knowledge for self-sufficiency in the Economic Philosophy that he has graciously bestowed to the Thai people for a sustainable future in conservation and agriculture. We practice our development of the resort without taxing too much of the natural resources of the land, through recycling, the use of natural fertilization and farming techniques, the preservation of water ways and our natural water resources as well as careful farming of the land and the preservation of natural wildlife especially the elephants, tigers, turtles and our national bird.

Therefore, join us in our efforts to build a sustainable future not just for us but also the future generation of our children who will become the leaders of the future.